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About supersum

At supersum we tackle wicked problems. These are problems that speak to different fields of expertise and so resist single, easy solutions. Asking how we might communicate, work, and live better together, we – and the people we work with – recognise how wicked problems disclose some of our most pressing shared needs. By working together, we can address wicked problems more completely.

Our Approach

New Partnerships

We help bring new partnerships to life, engaging different perspectives and skills around wicked problems

New Experiences

We bring new models of experience to light, revealing the shared nature and causes of wicked problems

New Programming

We put innovative programming around wicked problems into practice, amplifying the life of good ideas

New Horizons

We explore new horizons, responding to the world as it is today whilst anticipating the world we want to live in

The Anatomy of a Wicked Problem

So what is a wicked problem and how do you solve it?
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Our Projects

Our Project Partners


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