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Heritage Pathfinders – Publications

What is it? This report and the accompanying case studies describe the work of Heritage Pathfinders – a cultural innovation programme that has helped creative and heritage professionals from the Leominster region to work closely with the Leominster Meeting Centre for [...] Read more

Staying Creative and Connected

Tim Senior Shirley Evans   COVID-19 has changed for us all what it means to be ‘creative and connected’. Whilst physical distancing measures have helped shield many with a dementia from the virus, its negative impact on people’s physical and [...] Read more

Wicked / Clumsy / Messy

Tim Senior   This insight post introduces key ideas about Wicked Problems, the Clumsy Solutions they demand, and the Messy Institutions best suited to their delivery   Wicked Problems The world is complex, but there are many problems that are, [...] Read more

A Tale of Three Methods

Tim Senior Stuart McClean Ed McGregor There is a recognised need to find new roles for our churches, helping them better serve communities and move towards long-term sustainability (a pressure recognised at the highest level by the Church of England). For [...] Read more

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